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Storm Damage Testimonials

When a storm rolled in me and my family were out of town. I had not realized that my son left his window open. We returned to soggy carpet and debris scattered all over the room. Most of his items were wet and it appeared that there was no saving them. After some searching I reached out to SERVPRO and explained the situation. The representative I spoke with Cindy was amazing! She had a technician out here in less then 45 minutes! My son's room was dry and back to normal in less then a day! I watched the techs carefully move everything from the room and start the drying process immediately. SERVPRO definitely exceeded my expectations! It is needless to say that we will be checking that all of our windows are closed and locked before we go out of town again!

Sara walked me through every step of the way.

Thank you for guiding me and my family through these disastrous times! 

My wife and I received great service from the SERVPRO team that came out during our flooding issue. Oscar Ortiz was amazing! He was extremely knowledgeable and incredibly professional. Oscar was able to let us know what to expect throughout the entire process—from beginning to end—which gave us a good sense of peace during a very stressful time. We knew from the time we met Oscar and his team that we were in good hands. Excellent job SERVPRO! Keep up the good work.

On 10-20-2016 I woke up 0800am to a home flooded with water. I can honestly say I had no idea what to expect. I notified my insurance company and they recommended SERVPRO and gave me the number to call. I remember thinking, "well, they won't be out here til at least 4pm this afternoon."

I spoke with a friendly call taker who first said, "I am sorry this happened to you..." Then she told that a representative from my local SERVPRO office would be calling me "shortly." Little did I know shortly would be 15 minutes. The representative from the local SERVPRO was very friendly as well. She advices me that the techs were in their morning meeting and would be out there "soon". Again, little did I know soon would be 40 minutes.

I open my front door and there stood (2) kids! With khaki pants and green SERVPRO shirts. I remember thinking, my house is a disaster and they send kids! I watched as these young men sprang into action and kept me informed along the way. As a police officer I deal with young kids quite often and most of the time it's not pleasant. But the manners on these youngsters, to include the one that came back and removed the fans was amazing! Did yall raise these kids?? LOL

I know how important feedback can be. So I wanted to take a few extra minutes, not to just fill in bubbles, but let you guys know that you got a team that serves your mission well. A team that understands first and foremost, that homeowners are in crisis mode. Homeowners are trying to figure out what to do next, who to call next, is my house ruined. But when you team takes the time to show empathy and care for a person's property and present an attitude that everything will be fine we are going to care of this mess, it goes a million miles with your customers.

So great job! Share this letter! And by the way, I hope I never see yall again!

SERVPRO for life.

SERVPRO of North Arlington was very professional and always responded quickly to any request and need that we had. They made every effort to save our floors from having to be replaced, but unfortunately they were not able. We would recommend to anyone this company to handle any problems that they are having with restoration in our home.

Very friendly prompt and worked quickly.