Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

A Mixture of Dust and Mold

When this South Arlington landlord discovered a dusty a/c vent in their rental property. They called their local SERVPRO of South Arlington to check it out. Whe... READ MORE

South Arlington Ceiling Mold Spores

When this South Arlington homes ceiling started leaking it overtime developed mold spores. They called their local SERVPRO of South Arlington to remove the mold... READ MORE

Mold gone wild!

Whenever mold takes over your home it is always a very scary situation. SERVPRO of South Arlington is here to help you along the way. We will explain the proces... READ MORE

Mold Decontamination Chamber

During the mold remediation process it is very important that we avoid cross contamination into areas that are not affected. A decontamination chamber is built ... READ MORE

Unhealthy air? Sudden sickness

This homeowner had been having trouble with what she believed was allergies. One day while rearranging a back room she found that she had a very serious problem... READ MORE

Mold in South Arlington, TX

This picture is a mold job we were called to remediate. It is important to make sure situations like this are carefully handled. Our crew is trained and qualifi... READ MORE